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Is it possible to hide braces inside teeth?

Lingual bands

Some lingual braces are concealed on the inner surfaces of the teeth, making them completely invisible. But this aesthetic advantage comes at a price: they temporarily alter the way you speak. What's more, they are not suitable for all dentitions.

The method used for lingual treatment with inner bands is the same as for traditional outer band treatment. From a technical point of view, however, its management is slightly more complex for the orthodontist.

Of course, all orthodontists use braces. Most specialists use clear aligners, but only a minority use lingual appliances. This is because it's a very complicated practice, requiring additional training or at least excellent technical skills.

As a result, this type of appliance is more expensive than the average. Nevertheless, it's a good investment for the patient, who sees his or her teeth change rapidly and without aesthetic inconvenience. Beware, however: the first few weeks are a little special, as you have to get used to the presence of braces and the fact that your tongue will lose a little space. This can be slightly painful, and speech may be impaired.

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