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How can I maintain good oral hygiene?

The question of oral hygiene primarily concerns fixed appliances. In the case of removable appliances, the patient simply needs to brush his or her teeth using the correct technique. Fixed braces, on the other hand, can lead to complications when brushing, due to their irregular shape. With brackets, wires and wires that tend to catch food, they can lead to plaque formation. The best way to clean your rings is to adopt techniques that allow you to reach them from all angles. While a well-managed manual toothbrush can achieve convincing results, the use of an electric toothbrush is recommended. Like a dentist's tool, an electric toothbrush has a round head for easy access to difficult areas.

Science has already demonstrated the superiority of electric toothbrushes. Intra-oral videos show just how effective they can be. These images show us how to clean all surfaces of braces, using small brushes specifically designed to reach the narrowest gaps.

Whether fixed or removable, every appliance is different, and not all require the same level of care and collaboration between patient and specialist. In the jargon, fixed appliances are referred to as no-compliance appliances, because they require very little collaboration. These models are of course the preferred choice of those who feel they don't have the time to take frequent care of their appliance. Conversely, removable versions require a great deal of cooperation, but simplify maintenance. Other issues, such as aesthetic value, also come into play. Children often prefer a less conspicuous appliance, even if it means a lot of responsibility. The final choice depends, of course, on the individual and his or her personal appreciation of the advantages and disadvantages of each system. In the end, it's a question of opting either for a relatively visible, low-maintenance classic, or for a more discreet model that also entails more responsibility.

Through this choice, orthodontics gives children a sense of responsibility for the first time in their lives.

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