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Is it possible to have braces that don't show? (What is Invisalign?)

Invisalign is an absolutely transparent gutter-type appliance, the first of its kind. Although designed and used since 1999, it has only been used in the same way as braces for a few years now. For the patient, Invisalign is far more pleasant than a conventional appliance, thanks in particular to its discretion, made possible by the use of small dots of glue for better adhesion.

As a result, the device is virtually invisible, although the discerning eye will occasionally spot a reflection that's a little different from the others.

Invisible devices

The majority of patients want their braces to be as invisible and unobtrusive as possible.
For adults, for example, the trend is to use invisible braces (such as Invisalign) with a transparent gutter system and minimal aesthetic impact (although invisibility is never total).

In the case of children, the orthodontist must particularly check that the appliance is adapted to the patient's specific requirements.

Once again, the question of collaboration with children arises. If this is possible, a removable support can be chosen.

CanInvisalign also be used by patients who work in the kitchen and need to taste their food all the time?

In this context,Invisalign is not recommended. Indeed, the choice of appliance depends on the requirements and practices of the patient. A good result can only be achieved by taking these factors into account.

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