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What happens at the second consultation?

A second visit is usually needed to complete the diagnosis. Even if the problem is sufficiently clear at the first consultation, for documentation purposes it is necessary to have X-rays, models and photos. In other words, all the elements needed for a definitive diagnosis. What's more, thanks to the impression made on this occasion, it becomes possible to manufacture the braces directly, which will then be worn by the patient.

Is it possible to experience pain or discomfort during this initial documentation?

1. Photos

The orthodontist takes photos of the teeth and face to keep track of the starting point.

2. X-rays

X-rays emit a relatively small quantity of radiation. However, it's best to limit their use. Generally, two X-rays are required: one of the teeth (a panoramic X-ray) and one of the head in lateral projection, to distinguish the profile and harmony of the jaw.

3. Digital footprints

Conventional impressions can cause some discomfort, as they are made with a paste that has to remain in the mouth for several minutes and can generate unpleasant sensations. Modern orthodontics now offers the possibility of producing digital impressions for even more accurate reproduction.

Orthodontics is gradually modernizing.

How does the treatment work?

First step: generate footprints to collect the necessary data.

Second step: install the appliance (fixed or removable).

How long do I have to wait before putting on the appliance?

Once the impressions have been made, the production time for both fixed and removable appliances is between two and four weeks. Thereafter, the frequency of maintenance appointments varies according to the appliance chosen. At the start of treatment, visits are usually made once a month. As the therapy progresses, they become more frequent.

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