Orthodontics and its myths

Fear of the dentist-does tooth extraction hurt?

Fear of the dentist

While fear of the dentist can sometimes be legitimate, the same cannot be said of the orthodontist. A visit to an orthodontist is painless, only slightly uncomfortable. Only two procedures justify a fear of the sting:

  • tooth extraction
  • installation of mini-screws

1. Does tooth extraction hurt?

We often think of tooth extraction as a painful ordeal. Children, in particular, fear the pain of the procedure, while adults are more concerned about an unsightly aesthetic result, caused in particular by the possible appearance of spaces between the teeth.
If a tooth has to be extracted, it means that there isn't enough room in the jaw. As a result, the absence of several teeth will not be visible, since the space will be perfectly filled.

As for the pain that children fear, highly advanced technologies minimize it as much as possible. A high-performance anaesthetic ointment is applied to numb the gums before the injection. When the gums are completely numbed, the lips appear to have the consistency of plastic. This is perfectly normal, and although the sensation is a little strange, it completely eliminates the sensation of pain in the area.

During extraction, there is no pain, just a slight pressure. Once the tooth has been extracted, the effect of the anesthetic wears off (after two or three hours), and a feeling of discomfort may occur. But don't worry! Anti-inflammatories will help to reduce the discomfort.

Will the holes close up if the teeth are removed? Let's take an example: after a fall, a wound may appear. From then on, a healing process begins until the wound disappears completely. It works in exactly the same way with extractions, especially as this precious space will be used to align and recede the teeth, ultimately leading to even more beautiful teeth.

2. Does mini-screw insertion hurt?

Mini-screw insertion is a relatively rare procedure. It's only used when it's going to be difficult to move the teeth. It's a bit like a fisherman going after a whale, a large and powerful mammal, without ensuring the stability of his boat! By way of comparison, mini-screws are like temporary piercings for the palate, gums or bone. Small in size (around 8 mm), they reinforce the base of the teeth and counteract incorrect positioning. They are applied for varying periods, from 3 months to 1 year, and are removed as soon as the situation is restored.

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