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Is there a link between teeth and snoring?

This can be the case, for example, if the mandible is set too far back.

In fact, the posterior part of the mouth is a passageway to the nose and lips. As a result, the further back the mandible, the less space is available for the respiratory and digestive tracts. A link can thus be established between malocclusion and snoring, the latter resulting from the difficulty of air to pass.

During the growth period, advancing the mandible helps to facilitate breathing. Unfortunately, this type of procedure is much more difficult to perform in adults. The use of special devices capable of advancing the mandible will therefore be necessary to create more space for the airways.

What's the solution?

In children, a relatively minor operation can solve the problem. In adults, on the other hand, snoring can only be alleviated by fitting a device that pushes the mandible forward.

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